Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bend over

      Who needs Obamacare, which will mean me paying more and getting less in benefits and options, when all one needs to do is join a "movement" stamped and approved by the Democrats/Socialists. From the land that sanity forgot comes this!

A team of two dozen volunteer doctors, nurses, social workers and medical students set up a clinic yesterday at Occupy Boston to dispense flu shots, check for diabetes and trench foot, and spread their message of “health care justice for the 99 percent.”
The free influenza vaccines and health screenings, open to anyone, were conducted at the Dewey Square encampment before a march to the State House, where medical professionals joined Occupy Boston protesters in an afternoon rally calling for better access to health care.
“We stand with Occupy Boston in the general idea that income inequality in our society is leading to worse health for everybody,” said Mathew Malek, a family medicine doctor at Boston Medical Center. 

     If we can have "free clinics" and "free medical" services for people breaking the law, why not for those who fall on hard times who have worked and contributed all their lives to family and country?  Hell, makes you want to head down to the Occupy in your city, again, no deterrent for illegal action here.  I am all for legal protest, being a flower child myself, but how long will the needs of these people be put ahead of us who pay the wages for the overburden police officers and the politicians now  praising these gangs?  Soon it will be winter, will I be called upon to make the chicken soup as well?

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