Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mrs. Obama the Secret Shopper.........................and

Terror attacks, Wall Street protests, Stock market falling.......................let's talk shopping!  For those of us who are not fans of Mrs. Obama, comes news she might be just like many of us!  No, not the expensive vacations, tacky outfits, or starchy diet, I'm talking secret shopping.  Who of us hasn't told the hubby, "just running to the grocery store" after reading the Macy's ad in the evening paper.  And lucky are we who have more than one TV and are quick on the remote when he unexpectedly comes into the bedroom to find us engrossed in the 'Cupcake Wars' on the Food Network.  Vote: QVC or Shopping Network?????
The only thing I am not quit sure of is if Mrs. Obama has ever gone to her car in the middle of the night and retrieved a TJMax's bag from the trunk......wink, wink 

Despite living in the White House and having a 24-hour security detail, the first lady will often run her own errands. She’s even been out on the town with Bo, the Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog, and she’s treated her two daughters to ice cream at Baskin-Robbins a few times.

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