Wednesday, October 12, 2011


     Even in the height of the Celtic's reign in the professional game of basketball, I was not a fan of the sport. I prefer football or baseball and am happy that my grand kids see it that way too!  This fact does not mean I do not follow all the sports teams and the antics that go along with owning, playing, and even attending one of these over priced events.  In today's world, it is no surprise that athlete expects to get paid the same as owner. This could have started when someone decided that all school children receive a trophy for participating in sports, regardless if they were good at it or showed up for practices or games!
   As it is in the business world, and even with our politicians, the "regular" players want to get paid as much as the "supper stars" do.  I'm sorry..........what is wrong with excelling in one's sport or vocation and getting compensated for it?  Practice, practice, practice, and maybe you too could be a super star or an owner for that matter.  Or maybe not, but you will need to learn some way of making a least for the time being.

The National Football League secured those ideals, grew into a booming $9 billion enterprise, then fought with its players for four months this year over how to divide the riches. The league ultimately got the deal it wanted without harming the season.
The National Basketball Association, which generates a more modest $4 billion, sees a model worth emulating and is willing to sacrifice what is regarded as all but sacred — actual games — to get it.
          from the New York Times

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