Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sen. Brown calls on feds to force gov to get tough on illegals

     We in Massachusetts have been drawing unwanted attention due to our Governor who is a friend of the President and a friend to illegal immigrants.  Not unlike our neighbors to the south in RI who just yesterday granted tuition price of $9000.00 to illegals to attend public colleges in the state while non-residence and legal immigrants get to pay $22,000.00 per year. So along with us in Massachusetts, we can pay for our kids and the kids of illegals.  What, are you people stupid? No need to answer.

U.S. Sen. Scott Brown today joined a growing chorus of lawmen openly defying Gov. Deval Patrick, calling on federal Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano to allow Massachusetts to join the Secure Communities program without the governor’s approval.
“My constituents have made it abundantly clear to me that they view Secure Communities as an important public safety tool that could have prevented deadly incidents that have rocked their communities,” Brown wrote in a letter to Napolitano today. “I strongly encourage (the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency) to swiftly and expeditiously activate the remaining jurisdictions in Massachusetts.”
Three sheriffs have made an end-run around Patrick in recent weeks, meeting with federal officials in Washington, D.C. to join the program against the governor’s wishes. The program, run by ICE, allows local law enforcement agencies to share the fingerprints of all arrested people with the feds with the goal being to snare illegal aliens.               and

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