Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is France Full of Old Ladies......................

FEMINIST groups want to abolish the use of the “anachronistic” title of mademoiselle on all official forms and use madame instead, so as to match the male monsieur.

They say men are not asked to tick the box marked “Young, unmarried man” damoiseau and ask why women should be made to tick “Young, unmarried woman” – especially if they are no longer young.

Campaign groups Osez le FĂ©minisme and Chiennes de Garde have been battling to get rid of the unwanted title for years and have launched an internet site to spark new action.

       I don't know, I kind of like mademoiselle.  I'd rather that than some names that women are called in music videos or maybe movies.  That being said, I am so tired of the politically correctness....much more important issues to focus on, like where will I get employment and how will I feed my family and how many more days before the Presidential election in this country?????

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