Thursday, September 29, 2011

Another accident....Another illegal Alien

NEWBURYPORT, Mass. -- Police say an illegal alien was driving without a license in Ipswich Wednesday morning when he hit an 11-year-old girl with his pickup truck.
The defendant's attorney called it a simple accident. However, things became more complicated Wednesday when police say they discovered the suspect is an illegal alien and wanted for deportation.
35-year-old Wanderson DaSilva-Neto was in handcuffs after police say he drove his pickup truck out of his driveway on his way to work this morning and struck an 11-year-old girl who was riding her bike to school.
“The child's injuries are just superficial at this point. Some facial lacerations and possibly broken,” said Chief Paul Nikas, of the Ipswich Police Department.
After doing some checking, police discovered DaSilva-Netto was wanted by ICE, Immigration Customs Enforcement.
“He did not have any license whatsoever. We don't have a record of him ever obtaining a mass license,” said Nikas.

     How many must suffer before we enforce the law and deport illegal aliens.  It is the law not to be in this country illegally.  If you do not like the law then change it but do not ignore it. 

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