Monday, August 1, 2011

Sick and no Medicine to be had

Yes, this is France but many in this country believe that socialized medicine is the way for our country to go, everything in the hands of the government,  Unfortunately. Obamacare has not even kicked in yet and if it does not get repealed, France is what we could look like and be careful what you wish for.
PEOPLE with illnesses are struggling to find vital drugs in French pharmacies because of widespread supply problems, pharmacists have warned.
The pharmacists' body, l'Ordre National des Pharmaciens, says 60 per cent of its members have complained that they are regularly running out of key drugs including insulin, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory treatments.
About 370 products out of the 5,300 sold in France remain difficult to find on the shelves at times, despite assurances by the health ministry earlier this year that it is working to fix the problem.
According to Le Parisien, the shortages are particularly acute during the summer holidays, when some people have to drive around many pharmacies to find the drugs they need at short notice.
The health ministry has asked the French consumer protection body DGCCRF to investigate the supply problems and what can be done to fix them.
Meanwhile, health minister Xavier Bertrand will today present a draft law that aims to tighten up drug safety.

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