Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Schools Cooking Meals by Scratch..........gee where did that idea come from

This is a great story.  When I was young I brought my lunch to school. It was sometimes more and sometimes less but I got by.  When I got married my husband's mother had already spent years cooking in the town's school cafeteria.  She loved being with the kids and sometimes even gave out extra or paid for a child who had no money that week.  Good paying jobs for good people and the ability to be home when your own kids got home from school. This is a good plan for today.  No government, mandate or extra bureaucracy level in this plan...........good food for thought and mind.

New York Times
This midsize city in northern Colorado, where 60 percent of the 19,500 students qualify for free or reduced-price meals, is trying to break the mold. When classes start on Thursday, the district will make a great leap forward — and at the same time back to the way it was done a generation ago — in cooking meals from scratch.
Factory food took over most American schools in a rolling, greasy wave of chicken nuggets and pre-prepped everything over the last few decades. Now, real ingredients and spices like cumin and garlic — and in a modern twist, fiber-laden carrots snuck in where children do not expect them, like pasta sauce — are making their return to the cafeteria tray.

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