Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sacked MBTA punks back on the job

     Ah yes, another case of 'arbitration' and the losers become the winners!  Does anyone take accountability for one's action, or is it truly anything goes?   Is there a no right and a no wrong?  If nothing else, there are many out of work trustworthy people who could use the job of these who should have been fired. 

The MBTA has been forced to rehire seven drivers and other key employees after they were fired for offenses ranging from dozing at the wheel due to drug use, child rape, and assaulting and making bizarre threats of violence against co-workers — after bureaucratic arbitrators overturned their dismissals on technicalities, a Herald review has found.
The Herald demanded T arbitration records after a motorman convicted of striking his pregnant girlfriend with a chain was given his job back last spring.
News of arbitrators’ leniency toward public servants entrusted with passenger safety has alarmed T crash victims, rider advocates and the pols who oversee the region’s sprawling transit system.

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