Saturday, August 27, 2011

Messages from the State of Reality

     Keep those government checks coming in.  Still trying to hire at a starting wage of  20 - 30 American $ an hour.  Many calls of inquiry but the excuses I am receiving for not coming in for an interview are,  I have 'under the table work', going on vacation, I am helping a buddy, or some do not even return my calls!  The underground economy is going very well for some and some seem to be happy not to work at all.  You can listen to the politicians but this is from the state of Reality.....................

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  1. A friend of ours was laid off from his finishing job (inside work: carpentry, painting, carpet laying, etc.). He was told he couldn't keep up with the kids (illegals from MX.) He is 62.

    So now he works for himself, cash only, and is busier than ever.


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