Friday, August 26, 2011

Bernanke: Congress may need to act to stimulate hiring and growth.


We would be better served if Bernanke went on vacation with the Obama group.  How the heck is Congress going to stimulate hiring?   Throw money at it? Are they going to stop mandating that all companies no longer have to hire union workers when non union workers are just as able to do the job?  Are they and the Pres going to demolish the EPA and OSHA who sometimes make it harder to get the job done?  Or maybe they are going to roll back some of the stringent regulations and permit hoops one has to jump thru and around to even start a project.  The best thing for government to do is step aside and let the free market be free and prosper......

Bernanke's speech followed the release of a Commerce Department report that showed the economy grew at an annual rate of only 1 percent this spring, weaker than the government originally estimated. Only slightly healthier expansion is foreseen for the second half. The revision could raise fears of another recession.

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  1. "If we could have --- say a $5 trillion stimulus, we could give checks to every American and then they could spend them in the name of full employment." - Barack Hussein Obama

    ((No, I don't think that Obama came out and said it, but I suspect that he thinks it every day))


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