Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yes Virginia, Massachusetts wants a Bathroom Law

     Who knew when jokingly people said, "The government will next make it a law to use the bathroom."  Well, with our country's bond rating in question our officials are intent on controlling just that and it stinks.

Media Campaign Opposing “Bathroom Bill” Begins Tuesday
Protecting the Safety and Privacy for Women, Children and Students in Public Bathrooms
Woburn, MA – MFI Action, the advocacy arm of the Massachusetts Family Institute, has launched a media campaign to educate citizens about the dangers of the Bathroom Bill, which is again before the legislature after years of failed attempts on passage.
“When citizens understand that this measure will allow any man into a women’s public bathroom—even in our K-12 public schools—they oppose it.” said Kris Mineau, president of MFI Action. “We are taking our message to the airwaves to inform citizens and help keep our public facilities safe, private and modest for all citizens, especially children.”


  1. I don't quite get what the bill is, but "a law to use the bathroom?" Versus what? And are they going to be mixed bathrooms? Why would men come in? I've never heard this and I'm confused! :-)

  2. Z.........
    I will consider this as a playful comment (?)
    on a serious issue. Thanks for stopping by

  3. This isn't a bill that would allow "any man" access into a woman's restroom. This bill refers to transgender individuals. Meaning, it would allow transgender women into women's restrooms and transgender men into men's restrooms, rather than forcing them to stick out in the wrong restrooms and face harassment. Seriously, people have been attacked in the restrooms that people would say they were "supposed" to be in, based on biology alone. Much better if they can use the one which matches their gender.

    That's what the bill is for, Z. It's not to protect men in women's bathrooms, but rather to protect an oppressed group of women in women's bathrooms and an oppressed group of men in men's bathrooms. This has nothing to do with letting anyone assault anyone else. Exactly the opposite.


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