Thursday, July 14, 2011

Budget Crisis, What Budget Crises................

I do not live in Weymouth but I do have an opinion where I believe my hard earned tax dollar should be spent.

    Weymouth is buying the Emery Estate, a 1903 mansion designed to look like George Washington’s Mount Vernon and set on 24 hilltop acres overlooking Boston Harbor.The $1.9 million expense will be paid through the town’s Community Preservation Act fund, money that comes from a 1 percent surtax on real estate bills plus a contribution from the state. The town plans to borrow the money and pay it back over 10 years, according to planning director James Clarke. Closing is scheduled for Aug. 5, he said.The purchase comes at the same time that Milton is selling its 34-acre historic poor farm to a private developer, and Dedham is looking for ways to make its town-owned Endicott Estate less of a financial drain.Clarke said it’s unclear what Weymouth will do with the Emery Estate, a secluded site on top of King Oak Hill, about a mile south of Great Hill with a view of Massachusetts Bay and the Boston skyline. Those details will be worked out with community input, he said.Town officials “certainly want to see it used by the public, and the house maintained and available to the public,’’ he said. “In general, our intent is to preserve the scenic views and the wooded area.’’
I guess this could be used by the public.  A poor house comes to mind or maybe a prison to house all the politicians whose job is seems is to spend as much of the public's money in a way that is unsustainable, not to mention just plan wrong when people are loosing their own homes and jobs.  This might seem like a small story, but this is exactly what has gotten us into the predicament we see ourselves in.  Greece, on the other hand, is looking to SELL OFF  some of their most precious government properties to the highest bidder to save their country.................not us, business as usual!   This is not a new practice, towns and cities for years have been 'buying up' private land and properties just to save them form development by 'dreaded private sector'.

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