Friday, July 29, 2011

Working more for less Money..............

     I could not afford to shop on Newbury Street when things were good, pre recession.  No, let me go back, I could afford to but I watched my money back then just like the rules used to apply.  Somethings must be paid for first, rent, food, mortgage, kids, then shopping, and more importantly, buying something really maybe not needed.  Yes, one should always make it a rule to spend only what their budget allows, not like our government has been spending us into for the past thirty years. That being said, I hate to see any business fail and this will only be getting worse not better.

PS one response so far on my help wanted ad.

Newbury Street merchants say the street’s costs are no longer in line with profits to be had 


Newbury Street’s post-recession retail recovery was highly touted, as a slew of new stores moved last year into spaces that emptied during the downturn.
But despite an increase in foot traffic due to a surge in tourism, vacancies and going-out-of-business posters still dot the high-end thoroughfare.

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