Monday, July 25, 2011

Lions......Tigers.........and Walmart, Oh My

With Wal-Mart eyeing Somerville for its first smaller, urban market store in the Northeast, the Boston City Council president yesterday questioned Hub Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s strong opposition to the world’s largest retailer.
“There are lots of other communities that would embrace a Wal-Mart,” said City Council President Stephen Murphy told the Herald. “What good does it do Boston to lose 450 jobs to Somerville? It doesn’t expand our tax base, employ city residents or provide a low-priced market in a tough economy.”
Despite concerns raised by Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, the Arkansas-based retailer hopes to sign a lease for a Wal-Mart Market at the shuttered Circuit City store next to Home Depot near the Assembly Square Mall. Steven Restivo, a spokesman for Wal-Mart, said the 34,000-square-foot store, which still requires city approval for a special permit, could be open within a year.

          Wanting to bring your business to the state of Massachusetts is the easy part, going through the permitting process and union scrutiny can take years.  I would prefer good paying manufacturing jobs verses more retail but that will not be happening anytime soon.   Let's instead put the focus on the people who maybe can drop one or three of their low wage part time jobs and maybe just find a job with growth potential in opportunity and pay check.

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