Friday, July 22, 2011

From the Salem News............

Why do we not do business in Massachusetts

With unemployment at levels not seen since the Great Depression, the last thing elected officials should be doing is looking for new ways to make it harder for businesses to keep people employed.
But rampant joblessness is no barrier to those on Beacon Hill determined to meddle in every detail of the relationship between employers and employees. This should be the prayer of every Massachusetts resident clinging desperately to his or her job: "Good Lord, deliver us from legislators who want to 'fix' things."
Last week saw another push in the years-long effort by Big Labor and its willing dupes in the Legislature to force all Massachusetts employers to provide up to seven paid sick days a year to employees.
Members of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development heard testimony from labor and employee advocacy groups that payment for time not worked is a "basic right," rather than a benefit properly negotiated between employers and employees.
In 2009, during a prior effort to get this job-killing bill passed, advocates presented the chimera of an employee infected with the dreaded swine flu, unable to take time off and forced by his mercenary employer to cough his viruses all over unsuspecting customers.
This time, it's mommies in crisis — mothers unable to take time off to care for a sick child.
Rep. Martha Walz, D-Boston, testified that she learned at an early age the importance of paid sick days from her mother, according to a story from the State House News Service.

                Yes, I too know the importance of sick days but I also know the importance of having a good paying job and a paycheck.  What, you want private employees to give the same benefits allotted teachers, fire and police????  We could not afford to then and we can not afford to even more now.  I love good intentions and I will, and have in the past, worked with an employee one on one the best I can.  Stop telling me and others how to run our businesses or we too will take a sick day.

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