Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Bills, New Laws................does not insure that the job gets done

      We are being regulated to death.  We were at this meeting yesterday because we were also involved both at the shop and at our home with damage from the blast.  The local and the federal investigators concluded that the explosion was not caused by poor maintenance of a boiler, but human error.  Many violations on this site existed before the explosion and the job was not done to clear up the fact before the big boom.  You can never replace human error with more regulations, no matter what. Do the job and enforce the laws we already have. No one wants to see an accident like this again or anyone loose their home but a new 'boiler bill' is not the answer but a feel good reaction which will bring more money to the over budget state.

Yesterday afternoon, lawmakers met in a room at the New England Homes for the Deaf, which suffered heavy damage nearly five years ago in the Thanksgiving Eve blast.
Members of the Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure were treated to a video produced by the facility that showed the community room's picture windows all boarded up after being blown out.
The explosion at the former CAI/Arnel ink and paint plant was so powerful that it shattered windows and pulled down ceiling tiles and duct work and caused widespread damage throughout the New England Homes for the Deaf, even though it is across the Waters River from the chemical plant.

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