Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blowin in the Wind........

 I know not all are enthused about wind turbines off the coast or on the mountains of their community but if we are not allowed to drill or use coal, something has to take it's place so we can produce energy.
Not unlike the possibility of drilling for oil in our own country, offshore wind is facing the same long drawn out process and will take years just to get a project approved, let alone started.  Still another reason the GOOD paying jobs are leaving this country and heading abroad.  If New York would, according to polls,  vote back into office Mr. Wiener,  what chance does this country have to turn back the ties that bind and become a productive nation again.  It is a fact that 40% of our country is in some way on the welfare list.  If nothing else, lets shorten the process and red tape and get the job done................... any job done!!!


NEW BEDFORD — For all of the ambitious goals set for the development of offshore wind, it will take years before any of the recent proposals become a reality.
That was clear Tuesday at a public information session conducted by officials of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs along with federal officials from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.
The extremely complex nature of a leasing, planning and assessment process involving multiple agencies will take time and so it should, officials stressed.
"The most time-consuming investment, and the best investment, is in the planning and analysis," said Maureen A. Bornholdt, program manager for the Ocean Energy Bureau's Offshore Alternative Energy Programs.
The sparsely attended afternoon presentation at the Fairfield Inn offered the public an update on a proposal to lease up to 1,300 square miles of federal waters south of Martha's Vineyard for offshore wind turbines.
The request for interest put out by the federal government last December drew responses from 10 commercial entities, Bornholdt said. One of those companies has since withdrawn and "two or three" may now have to resubmit their applications since the sites they had selected fell within an area subsequently set aside to protect traditional fishing grounds.

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