Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“Get High” and “Dope” — along with its signature “Just Do It” slogan.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino is calling on Niketown to yank a disturbing display from its Newbury Street storefront, which boasts T-shirts emblazoned with pill bottles and sporting the words “Get High” and “Dope” — along with its signature “Just Do It” slogan.
Menino was walking along Newbury Street with his wife over the weekend when he spotted the T-shirts. One of them said “F Gravity.”
“I said, ‘This is outrageous,’ ” Menino told the Herald yesterday. “What we don’t need is a major corporation like Nike, which tries to appeal to the younger generation, out there giving credence to the drug issue.”

        Is this just another attack on free speech?  I think a dress code in school would help with limiting stuff like this being worn.  Am I wrong to think that parents can not control what their under age kids buy and wear and where they where it?  Just because YOU find the words Dope and Get High offensive, if you are of the age to vote or go to war you can wear any type of tee shirt, regardless that don't like it ........ I have seen worse.

       Better effort into spelling high school diplomas correctly.  "Dope"

More than 260 recent high school graduates in Plymouth will be getting new diplomas after versions with two spelling errors were handed out earlier this month.

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