Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Be careful what you Wish For

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (AP) — If a woman has an abortion in Kansas, the room temperature will have to comfortable — between 68 and 73 degrees, in fact — under a new state health department rule taking effect in July.
The room where the abortion occurs also will have to have at least 150 square feet, excluding "fixed" cabinets, and come with its own janitor's closet with 50 or more square feet. The provider will be required to keep 13 types of drugs on hand, along with blood pressure cuffs for adults, children and even infants and premature babies. Patients will have to remain in a recovery room for at least two hours afterward.
The new regulations for abortion providers in Kansas are more specific in places than they are for hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers, and more detailed than the rules for most clinics and offices in which doctors perform many surgical procedures.
The new regulations will be scrutinized closely in coming weeks, perhaps in court. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment is imposing the rules under a new state law, also taking effect July 1, establishing a special licensing process for abortion providers.

        One of my early morning tasks, before my real job begins, is browsing through my Reader and updating myself on what people are talking about.  As always, there are a couple of very liberal blogs I check out just to check the spin the other side is putting out. (keep your friends close and your enemies closer)
        Much yipping seems to be about some states and the issue of  not funding abortion clinics.  The huff seems to be that government and or state regulations will become to stringent or unfair or simply not doable and put these subsidized entities out of business.
      Just to pick up the point on subsidizing a business.   I would like to point out that stringent government rules and regulations have been putting pressure on ALL American businesses with the unfortunate thought it would improving the workplace, not destroying it!  You may also think these are unreasonable rules to follow. Many a small business gets no help from the government, just grief.  So it matters now, because these socialist policies, new rules and regulations are hitting other groups with the need to down size the budget.
   Abortion clinic aside, what our government does to one of us it does to all......we small business owners will save you a place in the unemployment line.
The rules set requirements for room sizes and the number of bathrooms and janitor's closets for each abortion provider, and list required medications and equipment.
"Implementing the new regulations has been consistent with the work KDHE is already doing to ensure Kansans have safe, reliable health care in all facilities within KDHE's purview," said department Secretary Robert Moser, himself a physician.
The state's three abortion providers, all in the Kansas City area, view the regulations as unnecessary and burdensome by design. Gov. Sam Brownback is an anti-abortion Republican, and abortion opponents pushed the law through the GOP-controlled Legislature.
The providers need a special license from the health department to keep performing abortions as of July 1. A Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri clinic in Overland Park underwent a two-day state inspection last week, and an inspection of the Women's Health Center, also in Overland Park, is set to start Wednesday.
The health department rejected a license for the Aid for Women clinic in Kansas City, Kan., without an inspection, based on information it included in its application. Abortion rights supporters fear the other two providers won't get licenses either, however their inspections turn out.
"The right to abortion services in Kansas is at stake," said Cheryl Pilate, Aid for Women's attorney.

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