Thursday, June 2, 2011

ACLU fights Gov. Rick Scott's order to drug test state workers

     In our industry customers insist that we have a safety program in place and drug testing is a part of that policy.  At risk is safety.  If these rules are demanded for private industry it is, by God, a good enough rule for our public servants and or employees.  If you are high and come to work you are a danger to all who work with will be terminated.  I have to pay you and your medical, you have some responsibility for that privilege.

Requiring job applicants to "pee in a cup" to test for drugs and randomly selecting current public employees to do the same is unconstitutional, attorneys for the American Civil Liberties Union said Wednesday after filing a federal lawsuit to stop the practice ordered by Gov. Rick Scott.
In what is expected to be a series of lawsuits on recently passed legislation and gubernatorial edicts, the ACLU called on a federal judge in Miami to immediately suspend an executive order signed by Scott in March that requires all agencies to set up random drug testing protocols for existing workers and require new hires to submit to drug tests as a condition of their employment.


  1. My hubby drives a semi...corn. He owns his own truck and is self employed. He has to randomly pee in a cup. He gets notified by the 'drug supervision company' when he is picked. He has to pay for the 'privilege', and if he doesn't do it by the due date, the DOT is notified, and his truck is 'parked'. The ACLU is wrong!

  2. thanks Linda, some of us do get it!


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