Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Military bands to cost Pentagon $50B over next 50 years

Oh....Oh...pick me, pick me....  I think I found still another way for our politicians to cut spending to 'beat the band'....YES! 

The Defense Department could be shelling out nearly $50 billion in the next 50 years for its military bands, a prominent defense analyst says, a figure that could raise eyebrows amid Washington’s new climate of fiscal restraint.
“The nation's military services really are going to spend over $25 billion on music bands in the coming years,” Lexington Institute COO and industry consultant Loren Thompson said.
After adjusting that figure for inflation and other factors, Thompson projects the nominal costs of the bands will approach $50 billion — a price tag he derided as “ridiculous.”
The estimate comes at a time when Washington is grappling with the federal debt. Once considered immune from cuts, the Pentagon is getting a fresh look from lawmakers eager to find savings, and the department is expecting budget reductions in 2012.
Congressional leaders and the White House already slashed the military's 2011 budget request by $18 billion, and President Obama has called for finding another $400 billion in defense cuts over the next 12 years.

                              Do we really need and can we really afford these bands?   Can't we hire one?


  1. I linked you. Did you know the Marine band doesn't even go through basic training according to a friend of mine who is a Marine. They earn their stripes with a tune.

  2. accompanied with a son and dance? please...

  3. Military bands are long standing part of martial tradition. The British got rid of them. Parades, marching, reviews and what some may view as fluff and nonsense provide substance in a way that I find difficult to describe.

    Example: A ship full of men returning from a long deployment is met by friends, family and there's usually refreshments - and in the past often there is a Navy band (say ten piece band) playing. Yes, you could simply play tunes over a loud speaker, but it's not the same.

    I've been to weddings with a DJ and weddings with a live band and there is a difference. It has to do with morale and 'substance'. I have to disagree with that cut. You could cut one jet fighter and keep the bands for all services for 10 years paid, housed, and fed.

  4. Yes, and you could raise taxes on the 'rich', extend unemployment benefits for 10 years, and not fix a single bridge or road (sarcasm) but it does not change the fact that we are out of money! Let's say it is too late to cut anywhere????


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