Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Contractor can't account for $9.8 million in project to aid Iraqi farmers

     File this under the fox looking after the chicken coop??  Now you tell me that our government, and contained  agencies and bureaus within, is not too big to keep track of or even control.  The point is that as of yesterday, our country spends more than it takes in.  This has not happened since 1931!  And this president wants to send more aid to the middle east?  As a matter of fact, I do not care where he wants to send more money because we do not have any more money to spend.  In regards to all spent aid, could someone please keep track of it?

USAID awarded a $343 million contract to Louis Berger Group in 2007 to help Iraqi farmers by promoting crop diversity, improving farmers’ access to information systems and providing technical assistance. An audit by the USAID inspector general has determined that the contractor mismanaged the program and couldn't account for almost $10 million in costs.
The Louis Berger Group failed to implement measurements for agricultural productivity, completely lacked results to demonstrate agribusiness loan increases, reported inaccurate results and millions in unsupported program costs.
The agribusiness contract was supposed to increase agricultural productivity by specific percentages with targeted crops, but the contractor never developed a method of measuring or reporting results. The program was also supposed to generate at least 40,000 agricultural jobs, but fell short of the minimum goal by 10,000. The contractor did not differentiate between full-time or part-time jobs and lacked documentation supporting job creation.

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