Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Enough to make one ill

Congress Steps Up Probe of White House Health Reform Meetings

        I would be an idiot to think that this is the only administration that has had close door meetings and deals to get what they wanted to pass as law or regulation.  No, the problem is when they try to hide it from the American people or say it never happened.  

The committee members sent letters requesting detailed information about lists of attendees, minutes of the meetings, emails, phone logs and estimates of health reform’s financial impact, as well as other documents, to AFL-CIO, AFSCME, AARP, AdvaMed, American Hospital Association, America’s Health Insurance Plans, American Medical Association, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, Business Roundtable, Federation of American Hospitals, PhRMA, and SEIU.
Now there is talk of hearings being planned and subpoenas possibly being sent.
The same panel is probing controversial health reform waivers given by the Administration to more than 1,000 companies and unions to help them cover workers via cheap insurance plans until reform kicks in, beginning in 2013.

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