Monday, April 25, 2011

Ah Yes.............where the rich man will soon be

Half of the Audi A6s in the world are sold in China.

The world's newest cars are on display at the Shanghai auto show, but Xu Xingen came for a classic that is perhaps equated with success and power in China more than any other -- the Audi A6. Half of the Audi A6s in the world are sold in China, according to research firm Dunne & Co., where black versions with windows tinted darker than welding glass are the car of choice for government officials and company bosses.
"Many Chinese people like the Audi car a lot," Xu said, after testing the back seat, where the 50-year-old entrepreneur plans to ride most of the time. "It looks very beautiful, magnificent. I am going to buy a black one."


    Yes and Americans settle for 'cash for clunkers'.....................


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  1. At least we can look at where the money is. And we can visit China to see all the stuff they are buying with our cash.


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