Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Amen" or "Who's your Daddy"

From ‘booty’ to ‘plunder’: Revising the Bible

         With the culture, moral behavior, and society deteriorating faster than the value of a buck, why not rewrite the Bible as we have rewritten our history books for our children???  I know times change but some things are better left alone.  I know what 'booty' is and I know that belts are still sold to hold up one's pants..... Amen

A clear signal our culture and the Bible are on two different paths came last week with the release of a new version of the Old Testament as it appears in the New American Bible, the most popular Catholic Bible in the United States. The word “booty” has now become “plunder” — so as not be mistaken for the way booty normally appears today in hiphop music and elsewhere in the popular culture. But there were more serious changes, too. “Holocaust” has become “burnt offerings” because holocaust is now too jarring for modern readers. And “virgin” now appears as “young woman” to better reflect the original Hebrew, but raising questions in some quarters about Church teachings on the Virgin Mary. Mary Elizabeth Sperry, the manager of the project for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, explained those changes were a miniscule sampling of the myriad revisions made by 50 top Biblical scholars, along with editors and other reviewers over nearly two decades. Ms. Sperry became involved in December, 1996, four years into the project. “The day I walked into this office I was told it should be done soon. Soon is a flexible term.” She spoke to the Post’s Charles Lewis:


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