Thursday, February 17, 2011

Where do they make chainsaws anyway??????????????

Speed radar felled by chainsaw
February 16, 2011
ONE of the most effective speed cameras in Lorraine has had its career cut short by a chainsaw.
The radar, on the A31 near the French border with Luxembourg, caught on average 245 vehicles a day breaking the speed limit – notching up 89,351 flashes.
The €80,000 camera was found severed from its base on Monday, just days after the suicide of a man who admitted carrying out a bombing campaign on speed cameras two years ago. 

          If only more consideration was given to "eye on the public" the French could have done as the Americans do and hang those pesky cameras atop a pole or traffic light so no ticked off citizen could get to them.  Hell, like in America, after a while you would forget they are even there watching you.   After all, those cameras are just there for the human good and only to protection the innocent. You know, like the smoking ban and the fried food ban and the seat belt law and the helmet get my point.
         Here would be a nice spot to interject what the final curtain call will be for our American society and the great Republic that once was.
        I was told a few years back that I should get used to America being a service based nation, no more manufacturing base.  I can say I cringed at the thought and new the country would not survive as such if this were true. My concern was short lived.  Come to find out today, America  is no longer a service based country but has turned the corner to become a knowledge based country(?).          Now we are screwed!

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