Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shoveling those Laws

    I have always shoveled my walks and have had my driveway plowed after every snow storm.  It is the right and safe thing to do.  Now it is the LAW!  After the blizzard this past weekend, and over a foot of snow on my walkway, it did take me a little longer to do the shoveling, hell, I also am a little older and that shovel gets pretty heavy.  Why were those kids having fun sledding across the hill and not canvasing the neighborhood to make money shoveling? Anyway, here we go.

Supreme Judicial Court homes: slippery slope

Facing the first test of their controversial slip-and-sue snow-removal ruling, three of the state’s seven high court justices yesterday flunked the Herald’s spot inspection of the sidewalks, paths and stairs at their own homes.
“Careful you don’t slip and fall,” Supreme Judicial Court Justice Judith A. Cowin cautioned a wobbly visitor negotiating the snow-packed driveway leading to the snowy front steps of her Tudor manse.
Cowin, 68, groaned, then laughed when told the Herald snow patrol was there to rule on her blizzard busting techniques.
“We plowed, we put down salt. We’re doing the best we can,” said Cowin. “I was trying to take some time off this week.”

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  1. I'm sure the people who passed this into law are liberals.


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