Monday, November 22, 2010



A brutal economic crisis is forcing the Cuban government to lay off half a million workers, slash imports and subsidized food sales, and even trim its keystone health services.
Yet the government has given no sign it will reduce its domestic or national security agencies -- the Ministries of Interior (MININT) and Revolutionary Armed Forces (MINFAR) -- and appears instead to be expanding them.
A Communist Party document issued in mid-September laying out the timetable for the layoffs in 26 ministries and state-owned enterprises made no mention of MINFAR or MININT.
       Am I mistaken or has Cuba been held up as an example for it's health system that America should emulate because it is so good and free?  Is if also a fact that people in Cuba risk their lives to cross the ocean and land on American soil for a chance of a better life?

The criminal and traffic police have meanwhile launched unusually public recruitment drives, Cuba's defense and security budget has been rising and the government has bought riot-control and light military equipment abroad.

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