Monday, November 22, 2010

Barbara Bush: I hope Palin stays in Alaska

   It is tough to get older. The elder Bush and his wife do not seem to 'get' the Tea Party.  I am not surprised because those in the elite political class are mostly far removed from the public masses and  that anyone outside of the 'party' (either) could even begin to understand how to run the country or spend our tax money.  I do not know if I would vote for Sara but the idea that she should 'stay in Alaska' is a slap in the face of ALL the people who marched and let their voices be heard and faces be seen as the disenchanted class and those who will not just stay home and 'eat cake' anymore.

Former First Lady Barbara Bush told CNN's Larry King she hopes Sarah Palin stays in Alaska during an interview that will air Monday night.

 According to the clip, Bush's husband, President George H.W. Bush, also said he likes his son's book and said he doesn't really understand how the Tea Party fits into politics.

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