Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Taxpayers spend 2 million plus to buy and renovate 'Uncle Tom's Cabin'

         Lost your home? Lost your job? Believe waste in our government needs attending to? If nothing else, should not there have been a committee to investigate the authenticity of this expensive 'home'?   Again, is it  just me, or could money have be better spent to build new housing for those who desperately need it. Hope the home is up to code!!!
Taxpayers in Maryland are discovering they forked out more than US$2-million to buy and renovate Uncle Tom's cabin, but the man who inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe's anti-slavery novel never actually lived there.
Four years ago there was much fanfare at saving the historic site, then described as a two-storey colonial house with attached log cabin. The cabin, it was said, was once home to Josiah Henson — the slave whose 1849 autobiography was the model for Stowe's classic novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.
But it now appears that the house, with a one-storey wood kitchen on one side, not a cabin, was the home of the Riley family, who owned Henson as chattel. And if Henson lived anywhere, it was in the slave quarters that have long since disappeared, the Washington Post reports.

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