Thursday, October 21, 2010

Raising the retirement age to 62 in France

    Europe is certainly going though some growing pains, pun intended.  Imagine working for a living, for say 20 years and getting a pension and medical care free even when your job is ended.   Oh, some do have that luxury in our country, they are called government workers. How can this be sustainable in any society.  Maybe the retirement age should be raised to 70, gradually, and all workers in America should pay into Social Security.  This is not the fix all, but could help.   Come to think of it, where in this country will the jobs come from.......... factories are gone, can't fish, oil rigs and coal mining is frowned upon, cars and trucks are made overseas.  I, like some of you, will soon hit my retirement age but will continue to work, not because I like it so much but because you need me to....

Gao considers how many bottles of water she needs to sell in a day. If she stocks more bottles than she needs in a day, she will have less money to buy food.

                                         Gao takes a breath after climbing the stairs while making a delivery.

     And so it goes,  things will get better in China because they do have the jobs.  That as it is, some of us will still have to work even after we hit 60 years of age.

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