Friday, October 1, 2010

Murkowski and Tea Party Express Battle on Airwaves

   Lady, you lost, deal with it.  Because your dad appointed you to a senate seat when he was governor, does not mean that you have the job for life, what, ya think your name was Kennedy or Biden.. for crying out loud!
We, who associate with the beliefs of the Tea Party, see the movement as a good thing not a bad thing.  The idea is to get all out of Congress who do note believe in smaller government and who will vote the wishes of the people and not lock step with the political elite.  As far as inexperience goes, what had the president accomplished that qualifies him to hold the office?

Senate GOP candidates backed by the Tea Party movement have received much less financial support than more established candidates from their party’s leading contenders for the White House.

In 2002, newly-elected Gov. Frank Murkowski (R-Alaska) appointed his daughter, then the majority leader of the Alaska House, to replace him in the Senate seat he had held for over two decades. Lisa Murkowski won her first full Senate term in 2004.

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