Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congress Sends Intelligence Bill to Obama

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     Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ..............ha, ha, ha,....sorry
The Bush administration and its top intelligence officials were faulted for not fully briefing or notifying Congress on highly classified programs such as a secret plan to target terrorist leaders. CIA Director Leon Panetta killed that program last year.
The authorization bill the House passed 244-181 -- the Senate had approved it in earlier in the week -- is a compromise, hewing to White House insistence that only eight key congressional leaders attend briefings on the nation's most secretive programs.

   No, really, just a thought, but it is just that I am not of the belief that every highly classified program and top secret plan should be necessarily shared with more of our congress women and men.  Remember last year when ms Pelosi adamantly denied being briefed on the water boarding policy?  Are we only as good as the secrets we keep or the ones we share with elected officials, who soon could be looking for other work or writing a book on their life experiences. Who was that committee head lady that called Stephen Colbert to speaks in front  of her committee, now that was an intelligent move.

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