Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Carpenters file complaint against contractors for DA's offices

      They might be illegal but they know how to play the system.  I agree, they should get paid and then fined and sent home.  The contractor should also be fined.  Public project contractors must pay union wages in Massachusetts.  In Massachusetts public projects go out to bid and then are awarded to the lowest bidder.  You can find many a case when the lowest bidder is unable to complete the project and declares bankruptcy because again they are the lowest bidder...........

WORCESTER —  Five out-of-state, undocumented immigrant carpenters have filed a nonpayment complaint against the contractor and subcontractor who are renovating a downtown building into offices for the Worcester district attorney’s office.
Carpenters Local 107 said they will strike in support of the workers until they are paid.
“We help union and nonunion carpenters,” said Jack Donahue, business manager for Carpenters Local 107. “These guys have nowhere else to go.”
The workers and several union members held signs this morning in front of the five-story, 18th-century building at 180 Main St. The renovation is estimated at $3.5 million.
Mr. Donahue said that Drycon misclassified the five workers as 1099 workers (independent contractors) instead of employees, and then told them they would not pay because the men did not have proof of Massachusetts insurance.

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