Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Because Many Ask: Where Would You Stop Spending the People's Money

   Simply put, I am for the death penalty.   Years ago the people in my state voted for it but it was repealed by our government leaders on the hill.  This observation is more pointed toward the money spent on a facility that has seen minimum use and a wonder how the money was spent.

Albert Greenwood Brown is scheduled to be put to death via lethal injection Sept. 29. The facility has undergone an $853,000 remodel and is now four times larger than the old chamber.
At 200 square feet, the lethal injection chamber built with inmate labor and $853,000 in taxpayer money is more than four times the size of the old metal-walled gas chamber used for two executions by lethal gas and 11 by lethal injection since capital punishment was restored in 1977.
Brown, who raped and murdered a 15-year-old girl in 1980, is one of 708 California prisoners on death row, including 18 women. Only a handful have exhausted all appeals and are eligible to be issued death warrants.
   Some people deserve to have their sentences carried should not take so many years and it should not cost the tax payer so many dollars to do so.

not a pretty story but one that needs be told

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