Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boston Medical Center cuts staff

 Boston Medical Center has announced that it has laid off 119 workers, including 44 nurses and 30 management staff, due to cuts in government reimbursements. A variety of administrative positions also were eliminated. Another 40 workers will see their hours reduced. The layoffs take effect Oct. 1.
The hospital has a total work force of almost 6,000 people.
“The hospital is projected to lose $175 million this year due to dramatic changes in Medicaid reimbursements,” Tom Traylor, BMC’s vice president of federal, state and local programs, said in a statement. “We have been talking to the staff about this new reality for well over a year, and have been working to assess and increase efficiency in every corner of the hospital. We have been consulting with outside experts to study the efficiency of delivery of patient care, and they found very little excess capacity, particularly in terms of hospital staffing levels. This layoff is one necessary element of addressing the hospital’s financial situation.”

          But the union (SEIU)  also has had to suffer layoffs and is turning to the state (us who are still employed and already paying for the insurance of others) to fund the shortfall and support the union workers.  

Veronica Turner, Executive Vice President of 1199SEIU , issued a statement, which read in part:

“In order to save the hospital, the state must present a solution to the funding crisis and BMC management must include its staff in forming a real plan for the hospital’s future. Ultimately, the services provided to the region’s poorest residents through BMC are a key part of maintaining a cost-effective and comprehensive healthcare safety net. It’s time for everyone, including elected officials, to come together and figure out a plan. The hospital can’t simply cut its way out of the current funding inequities.”

       To Miss Veronica:  WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY.  THE PEOPLE WHO ONCE PAID FOR THE UNFORTUNATE FEW ARE NOW IN LINE WITH THE UNFORTUNATE MANY.  This is a sad situation that will only get worse in light of the mandated Obamacare and the tax increases coming after this year.

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another government hand out/grant  

         And where will the future health care workers  find work and who will regulate the pay scale?

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  1. To answer your last sentence---the arena of supply and demand.

    A local government supported hospital laid off 100 employees a month or so ago. That hospital is a well-known snake-pit and patients only arrive if unconscious. On the other hand, across the state line, a "for profit" hospital is hiring specialists in six health care categories. They are all non-union positions. Kansas is a "Right to work" state.


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