Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bielat to face Barney Frank in November

BOSTON -- Sean Bielat has won the Republican nomination in the state's 4th Congressional District and will square off against incumbent Democrat Barney Frank in the November election.
Bielat, a 35-year-old ex-Marine and businessman from Brookline, defeated Earl Sholley, a Norfolk businessman, in Tuesday's primary.
The GOP winner, who has worked for the military technology firm iRobot Corp., says he wants to slow down the "overspending and overreach of government." He says voters in the district are tired of Frank's arrogance.
Frank, who chairs the powerful House Financial Services Committee, defeated challenger Rachel Brown in the Democratic primary. Frank said at a 2009 town hall meeting that talking to Brown was like "arguing with a dining room table."

           I do not vote in this district, but I will be donating to defeat this most arrogant and condescending politician Barney Frank.  Why the republican party can not identify with the people's choice of elected nominees and not support them is a question I just do not understand.  The Tea Party victories last night represented the wishes of us who believe all incumbent politicians should go home and we need new representation in both parties.   

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