Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Beginning of the End

Police sent into ‘problem’ schools in France.  My first thought was; how sad, will we in America see our schools come to this.  I know our government wants more control and police.  My second thought; boy, what happened to respecting of the elders and the control of a child being in the hands of the parents...where are the parents?  I took care of two younger brothers myself after school while my mother worked in a leather factory.
I would have enjoyed being out and about but we did not get in trouble and would never talk back to a teacher let alone disrupt a class.

Some of the pupils shouted insults and members of large parents association FCPE held up banners saying “a police officer in schools is not the solution”. A “small homemade bomb” was let off shortly after their arrival, according to the newspaper Métro.
The police will be in the schools only four hours a week, but will be provided with their own offices.
The officers will be uniformed and armed, and will advise the headteacher on security, do prevention work with pupils and if necessary “identify young people who might be “going off the straight and narrow”, according to the national secretary of police union Alliance, Frédéric Lagache. They will also be looking out for problems such as pupils selling drugs or bullying other young people for money.

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