Friday, September 17, 2010

$66M to Scrap Turbines

Going Green by investing in green jobs is the battle cry of this administration.  The only projects I see in my area are those that involve public grant money and stimulus money being handed over to the municipalities.  Solar energy does work, but people are trying to save their homes from foreclosure and installing solar panels on the roof is not the priority.  As the fight continues on the Cape about the turbine field, new cost issues are coming to light (pun intended).

Bay State ratepayers and taxpayers - already footing the $2 billion-plus bill to plant 130 Cape Wind turbines in Nantucket Sound - will have to cough up an additional $66 million to dismantle the structures when they eventually break down, newly revealed state filings show.
The controversial project, strongly back by Gov. Deval Patrick and inching ever closer to final government approval, will probably last only about 25 years before they need to be torn down.
“This is the granddaddy of all sweetheart deals, and now they’re adding insult to injury for Massachusetts ratepayers, who already pay among the highest electric costs in the country,” said Rick Gorka, spokesman for GOP gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker, who’s trying to unseat Patrick.

      I still get a little nervous when my government tells me how much a project is EXPECTED to cost.....................who can forget The Big Dig????


  1. Ripping down the detritus of old, failed government projects, awarded to the very lowest bidder (or the person who "donated" the most) sounds like "stimulus" to me.

    It's the same old Obama Mantra: Borrow more, spend more - shift the blame to the previous administration - and let the subsequent administration worry about paying for it.

  2. Just keep remembering that Obama's days are numbered, and the rats are getting desperate.


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