Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What is the President up to this day................

After a series of morning briefings, President Barack Obama will sign the Fair Sentencing Act in the Oval Office on Tuesday. The legislation narrows the disparity between sentences for crack cocaine possession and those for powder cocaine.

  Oh nice,  laws on sentencing for the possession of crack cocaine and powered cocaine, by definition. I myself am a reformed smoker of nicotine cigarettes but have never tried cocaine in any form.  I am not sure how the sentencing or rules will be changed, maybe the smokers of cocaine will have to stand out side of the building (way away from the building)  they now work in  (if they work) and be sentenced to smoke along side those with  nicotine addictions??   That will be hell because up here in the northern tier it gets chilly in the winter time.  But then again, a sin is a sin and there is a penalty and a tax on everything these days.  Boy, that Lindsay Lohan, was she crack or power addicted?  She was given a sentence and was made to serve only half her time because of over crowding. 

In the afternoon, the president will host a town hall meeting in the East Room. It's part of his Forum With Young African Leaders. The event brings 115 young leaders from more than 40 African countries to Washington to meet with their American counterparts and U.S. government officials.
Obama will discuss with them their vision for Africa for the next 50 years. He also will talk with them about partnerships that can be fostered between the U.S. and their countries.

   I must have missed the meeting with the folks in Anytown, USA when the discussion was about private jobs in this country and if this civilization will even be in existence in 50 years.  I must admit, I can only see as far as November 2010.

I smoked cigarettes inside of my home and other enclosed structures for over 30 years.

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  1. In fifty years there probably be no western civilization left. November won't change much.


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