Friday, August 13, 2010

We Need More Surveillance Cameras;........................... to Watch Us?

    Gloucester is a tourist town not a terrorist town.  Why are more and more cameras showing up in city and towns over night?  Who are we really watching and who are we looking for or are they already here.......
Don't look at me that way, I have been on earth long enough to know you and I should be paying more attention now at what the government is planning for us and if our liberties are in danger because it is to our benefit and we are not to question...  Have we added any cameras lately on the boarders of our country?

The nation's oldest fishing port has entered the era of government high-tech surveillance with the installation of a network of 16 security cameras at key locations from Eastern Point to Wingaersheek Beach, from the Jodrey State Fish Pier to Annisquam Light.
The recorded activities captured by the video camera system, funded jointly by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the state Seaport Advisory Council, can be monitored in three locations — Coast Guard Station Gloucester, the office of city harbormaster James Caulkett, and the police station.


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