Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Shocking What Happens in our High Schools

I love my trade, but some should not play with electricity as some should not play with matches.  Seems today there is always room for more frivolous lawsuits to keep lawyers in business, put more regulations on the books to protect the feeble minded, and to add cost to doing business in these United States.  For every nitwit and every stupid action, there is a reaction and you and I will end up paying for it. 

DOVER -- The family of the Dover High School student shocked in his electrical trades class last school year has filed a lawsuit alleging negligence on the parts of the teacher, school district and City of Dover.
Documents filed in Strafford County Superior Court on Friday indicate Robert and Sandra DuBois, parents of 18-year-old Kyle DuBois, are seeking compensation for medical expenses, lost income due to time away from work and other damages related to their son being shocked in his electrical trades class on March 11. The lawsuit claims DuBois critically injured himself because of his teacher Thomas Kelley’s failure to properly warn of the dangers of electrical currents.
DuBois was hospitalized after receiving a serious electrical shock while in class on March 11. On a dare, DuBois clipped alligator clips to his nipples and received a severe shock that caused him to stagger and collapse, the lawsuit says.


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