Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Raising Arizona

Shocker, Federal Judge (appointed by pres. Clinton) votes the party, not the people.  Oh, did I say that.  The elected have a far more reaching vote than just president or congress.  This case will now go on to a circuit court and it all comes down to politics as usual.  The people do not count as we continue our march to a socialist society and then to a communist society and then to??????????  God Bless America, she has a rough road ahead.  For me, I will keep posting and writing and calling my reps with my displeasure.  Does it do any good??? Got to go, got a new sign to construct for the next rally.


  1. God Bless Arizona and its really and truly American people along with all of their foreign-born legal immigrants who came to that status by following established rules for becoming an English speaking citizen of our country in good standing.
    If it were animals coming across our borders and destroying property work places and crops wouldn’t we stop them? Or would we question all dogs and coyotes as well just so we wouldn’t be accused of profiling? As for the ‘racial’ appellation, that is just so much BS, contrived by liberal socialists to attract the pity of those who feel that their race is being attacked or demeaned. As I said – B. S. Stop making up fictitious stories with no bearing of connection with the real intents.
    As for the illegal aliens, ‘Throw the Bums Out’ along with the rest of the liberal scum.
    Seal our boarders and start sending any illegal aliens, mistakenly called ‘undocumented immigrants’ by the liberals back to their homes because these people are in this country illegally by way of forcing themselves across the border from Mexico, with help from the officials of Mexico who are anxious to rid their own county of many undesirables.
    The next time the ignorant and unintelligent Mexican President comes to America, don’t invite him to address the Congress which is run by blatant anti-Americans who are slowly; correction, rapidly killing the United States with their love of foreign law breaking criminals; ask him to address a gathering of TEA Party conservatives. I’d bet he would be afraid to get closer than 500 miles from them.

  2. Thanks for taking the time and hope to see you at a 'Tea Party' gathering real soon. Silent no more and counting the days till the November vote....


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