Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jobless Benefits extended.......yet again

   I guess since the government has not created all those jobs that they said they would, it is only fitting for them to keep extending the unemployment benefits.  Has anyone thought of the possibility of having some of the unemployed, those who lost their job say two years ago and are still collecting, clean up the beaches in the gulf, tutor a child for the summer, or just cut the lawn that is also out of control on the sides of the highways or in the state or city parks?  I am sure some would find it rewarding to see a job well done and at the same time help the community that is out of funds and short on help.  Money earned for a job well done.  And lets be honest, some of those jobs lost are not coming back. A lower paying job might be all that is out there and should be considered as a starting point. It should also be said that some are taking advantage of a bad situation and working for cash while still collecting, I know.  And always remember that government does not create jobs anyway and either does a poor man or a poor woman.

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  1. Unemployment welfare is more like it.


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