Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Illegal Immigrant Benefit in the Bay State

    The illegal immigrant debate is far from over, withstanding the administration sending our National Guard to the boarder.  It should be of no surprise when our state reps are in favor of boycotting Arizona while making sure the illegal immigrants in state get the benefits allotted all residence.   It is an election year you know. 

from the Herald:
The free ride rolls on for Bay State illegal aliens who stand to score benefits, from prescription discounts to MBTA passes, even as Gov. Deval Patrick tempers his rhetoric on such taxpayer-funded perks during his re-election bid.
“It’s absolutely ridiculous that that is going on,” said Rep. James Miceli (D-Wilmington), who called the lax oversight a “slap in the face” to taxpayers.
Illegals applying for state services such as MBTA discounts for disabled passengers, The Ride, home heating assistance and cheaper prescription drugs for the elderly, aren’t even asked whether they are U.S. citizens.
That glaring omission has drawn fire from bipartisan lawmakers who pushed for a recent crackdown on illegals getting taxpayer-funded services - a ban Patrick signed into law earlier this year.
“That (citizenship) question - as a result of the recent change in the law - should now be on every application for state benefits, and if it’s not we need to legislatively correct that,” said state Sen. Steven A. Baddour (D-Methuen), who backed a recent push to bar state services for illegal immigrants. “Only those who are here legally should be benefiting from the system.”

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