Monday, July 26, 2010

Government Says Sick Pay Mandates for Private Companies

State Rep. Kay Khan said the clock is ticking on her bill mandating seven paid sick days for everyone - and state workers calling in sick in high numbers is an ill-timed irony.

             This whole idea of more mandates makes ME ill.  Just because the government has many sick and vacation paid days than most small businesses, does not mean that they should mandate private industry do the same.   The reverse should be taken into consideration: take away government paid sick days.  As it goes now, I have the choice to work with my employees with sick time on a one to one basis.  I have given MORE  sick time to employees who were good workers, always on the job, and who showed consideration for the company and it's customers. Some employees need more time off in case of emergency or other family matters.  What if next year our elected decide to up the days to, say, 14 sick days? Do you know that some public employees have been granted their birthdays off with pay?   My company, My rules...........  the government can choose to take over everything,  that would be called Communism and we are still free the last I looked.

               The nauseating number of state employees banging in ill is compelling one Bay State politician to call for a probe just as the Legislature is set to take up a controversial first-in-the-nation sick-time policy for the private sector.“It sounds like something that needs to be investigated, certainly if we’re pushing to get this done in the private sector,” said Khan (D-Newton), after being told of the sick-time tally by the Herald yesterday.

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  1. Great, one more thing to be a hurdle for small business,and to promote the ideals of unions.


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