Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Teamsters release rats as contracts plagued, refuse to pay the piper

City officials said that as many as a dozen rats were set loose in the [Yonkers] City Council chambers on Tuesday night, when union workers showed up to protest looming layoffs – a showdown that ultimately included expletive-filled taunts and squealing, scurrying rats. […] The incident came as dozens of Teamsters and other union members gathered outside City Hall to demonstrate against job cuts and included the appearance of a giant inflatable rat that is common at union rallies. Union members protested the cuts during the public comment portions of a council budget meeting and a subsequent regular board meeting.

             Ah yes, the old 'winning through intimidation'   Let's cut to the chase......... Many private companies have had to layoff employees and downsize their operations.  I have not seen any help, or for that matter, any stimulus money given out to small non-union shops.  In fact, not much going on in my area unless you are bidding on some public project and those have to be bid with mandatory wage quotes and most times lowest bid 'wins', where is the competition?? 

       Anyway, if the checkbook is empty and there is no money to pay the employees, then we have to do the layoff.  May I suggest a solution of maybe lowering wages and compensation packages?

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