Monday, June 28, 2010

Obama Challenges China on G20 Stage

'No nation should assume its path to prosperity is paved with exports to America. Indeed, I've made it clear that the United States will compete aggressively for the jobs and industries and markets of the future,' President Obama said. 

             Many jobs have gone overseas because of the cost and the rules that companies face in this country.
And who would be so silly as to think of starting a company today when it's fate is in the hands of this administration and law makers who have no idea how to run a company.

        Will the employees be union workers?   What will you pay your employees?  Where will your company be located?  What will the insurance rates be?  Will the company retirement fund be overseen by government mandated rules, regulations, and much paperwork? Agencies involved: OSHA, EPA,  Homeland Security,  to name a few that will be monitoring and in some cases collection their portion of the company's income. Those are just a few questions that should really be statements because they have already been decided for you by the state you live in.
        Oh yes, Mr. President, those jobs will surely be coming back to this country and we will be able to compete in the world wide market?  Now that IS the question along with how many months have you been unemployed, looking for work, and are you better off now than you were pre Obama?



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  1. Great questions. None of Obama's answers will be good for America.


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