Thursday, June 10, 2010

AND SEW IT GOES.....................

This story caught my eye for two reasons: Goods made in America and learning a trade

In school, many years ago, students were offered a sewing class or a cooking class as part of the curriculum.  Now my Mom was a accomplished 'stitcher' and made a living, at a good wage, doing so working in a leather factory.  Back in the days most households had a Singer sewing machine, made in America and powered by foot peddles! (imagine, no electricity or gas needed)  I had a jump on the other students because I apprenticed under the watchful eyes of my Mother!
          My mother did not have an easy job but the opportunity was there nevertheless for her to work.  The opportunity was also there for the manufacturing of  the sewing machines.

Japan's Brother Says Hit by China Strike

Brother said around 900 Chinese workers at two plants in the Chinese city of Xian staged a walkout on June 3 demanding higher wages and better working conditions, but returned to work Thursday.

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  1. I have one of those Singer pedal sewing machines. It just collects dust now!


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